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Daniele Pavignano Wedding Songs

A successful and dynamic reality specialized in 'entertainment of your wedding.
We can offer you numerous bands and custom services at competitive prices and for most of our proposals all played live!

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Wedding Reception

A very important moment which carries along with it that atmosphere of bonding marriage represents. Daniele Pavignano doesn't leave nothing to chance; he understands the importance of every single moment, providing every reception with refined music, perfect for every context.

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The Service

The service is something full of emotions and unique moments. In a moment of true passion and love, choosing the right music becomes essential; it allows to turn a unique moment into a special one, which will always stay into the newly-wed couple and guests' hearts

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Piper Pop Band

“To every moment its music, to every emotion its instrument”.
A unique, versatile, elegant band, capable of making every musical moment of your life unforgettable, with the style and the charm of live music.


When you have little space, time, volumes or a location with specific rules... That’s when the DJ comes in. A professional capable of entertaining with a wide musical selection taking and care of every detail, from your arrival to the cutting of the cake to every possibility.

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Jazz Band

Un’ottima alternativa alla band quando si hanno esigenze di spazio, orari, volumi o location con precisi canoni. Un professionista del settore in grado di intrattenere la vostra giornata con una scelta musicale sempre ricercata e garantendo la cura di ogni dettaglio richiesto dal matrimonio, dal vostro arrivo, al taglio torta ad ogni eventualità.

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Customer feedback

Siete stati straordinari e siete riusciti con il vostro talento a far sì che il nostro matrimonio fosse di classe e insieme brioso proprio come vol

Giulia e Daniele
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Sara e Marco 2019