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Entertainment and Shows

If you want to make your wedding even funnier and dynamic, you've clicked on the right page; here are our extra services with a common denominator, entertainment.

We are often asked for a projector cloth during events.
We are able to offer various types of projector up to the rear-projection service with a special sheet (it is a sheet that allows projection from behind, effectively hiding the projector from the guests' eyes).

We are able to manage a lighting project for your event with both hanging catenaries and starry skies.
The service we offer, upon inspection, allows you to build a customized project in all respects at a competitive price despite our quality guarantee.

If you are looking for a new way to entertain your guests this is the right formula.

It is possible to estimate an audio service for your event in addition to the systems already provided for our artists or separated from them for example microphone and cash for the civil ceremony.

Often you want to surprise your guests with a scenographic effect when cutting the cake, our luminous fountains come to the rescue offering us a very suggestive glance and making the memory of the cake cut unique.

For the perfect success of your event, every detail makes the difference, the light design service can to light up your event with lights of all kinds: backdrops, facades, floor lamps for dj sets and dancing and ambient lights for each type, contact us for every detail!

Our caricaturists will make your wedding unforgettable, adding an artistic and personal touch for young and old.
All the guests will be captured by their expert hand, his pencil will be able to trace your precise caricature that will mark the memory of the party for a long time.

We offer one, two or three female entertainers to give the support and attention required during the reception, during the meal the children will be followed with all their needs making them eat together, socialize and play.

The smoke machine is an interesting accessory that can completely change the scene and give a touch of magic to your event. It can be used for the dance phase or for particular scenographies. We have various machines with different powers and emissions.

From the collaboration of Xsxperienza and Daniele Pavignano we can offer a special wedding favor.