Jazz Band


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Customized jazz bands!

First of all we need to understand the kind of jazz that we want to hear, now the word jazz is strongly generalist and we need to get into the specifics to understand what we like or can like.
There is a lot of difference between the almost dancing “Swing” music in reference to the 20's and 30's compared to the instrumental and more technical music of the be-bop. from the 40s to the current "fusion" music.
The most "mainstream" jazz is the most traditional one for listening, neither too frenetic nor too rhythmic but pleasant and listening made by pieces called standard become famous in the popular culture of the time and revisited contaminated by the musicians.

If you are looking for a precise style, you can make a difference, for example, with a marching band style group that usually proposes the line deriving from the Dixieland of the 20s and born in New Orleans.

Another very precise and completely different style is the so-called "Manouche" or "Gipsy" jazz deriving from gypsy and gypsy music from Eastern Europe contaminated with jazz language. The fruit of this union is a genre that combines the sound and expressive creativity of the swing of the thirties with the musical vein of the French musette and the eclectic gypsy virtuosity.

You can evaluate the use of formations with a hammond organ to resume the sounds of blues and American gospel combined with jazz.

At more contemporary levels we can evaluate the "fusion" line which is a contamination of various languages ​​with different styles, such as the most Latin and funky music.

There is currently a trend of music combined by a modern rhythm and a constant beat with older sounds and is called "electro swing", usually proposed by DJs.