About us


Every instant has its special music

Davide Pavignano Wedding Songs is a brilliant and dynamic reality, specialized in entertaining your wedding or event.

We can offer you many bands and services ad hoc, with competitive prices and live music for most of our offers! We make high-quality, true music, featuring musicians and artists capable of fulfilling each and every of your demands and needs, building a custom-made offer.

We define ourselves as “Music Planner”, specific music advisers capable of leading you to the offer that suits you the most; we cooperate with lots of wedding planners, specialist agencies and organizations for weddings and events such as a.t.i., placing our experience at their disposal.

Our best and exclusive offer is the Piper Pop Band, the only band that can match every moment of your party, from the service to the wedding cake, starting with a duo and getting to a quintet with the best price/quality ratio! We also have many other customizable offers.


Founder and manager of the organization, deals with budget management, relationship with customers, inspections and administrative practices.

Email: info@danielepavignano.com


Singer and founder of the Piper Pop Band, he deals with the management of the repertoire for all the Piper Pop Band formations.

Email: scaletta@danielepavignano.com


Pianist of the Piper Pop Band since its origins, deals with the management of the repertoire for all the classical ceremonies.

Email: scalettacerimonia@danielepavignano.com


Responsible for the whole DJ section, he deals with the management of the repertoire and contacts between dj and the bride and groom.

Email: scalettadj@danielepavignano.com


Daniele Pavignano Wedding Songs develops your special day musical program in a completely customized way, using a specially provided customer service consulting.

Wedding Reception

A very important moment which carries along with it that atmosphere of bonding marriage represents. Daniele Pavignano doesn't leave nothing to chance; he understands the importance of every single moment, providing every reception with refined music, perfect for every context.

The Service

The service is something full of emotions and unique moments. In a moment of true passion and love, choosing the right music becomes essential; it allows to turn a unique moment into a special one, which will always stay into the newly-wed couple and guests' hearts

Piper Pop Band

“To every moment its music, to every emotion its instrument”. A unique, versatile, elegant band, capable of making every musical moment of your life unforgettable, with the style and the charm of live music.