Professional competence and services elasticity

Daniele Pavignano Wedding Songs develops your special day musical program in a completely customized way, using a specially provided customer service consulting.

The musical entertainment is made up of the combination of instruments and voices of great range, and it will be crowned with an absorbing animation; for those who like singing there will be a live karaoke thanks to the musicians long experience!

The service also provides with cooperations with DJ agencies, tailor-made clothes and the actual planning of your wedding.

To assure you about the reliability of this agency a contract will be drawn up to protect you and the agency itself, granting you the presence of the band and possible replacements in the event of illness and more.

Wedding Reception

A very important moment which carries along with it that atmosphere of bonding marriage represents. Daniele Pavignano doesn't leave nothing to chance; he understands the importance of every single moment, providing every reception with refined music, perfect for every context.

The Service

The service is something full of emotions and unique moments. In a moment of true passion and love, choosing the right music becomes essential; it allows to turn a unique moment into a special one, which will always stay into the newly-wed couple and guests' hearts

Other services

If you want to make your wedding even more amusing and dynamic, you've clicked on the right page; here are our extra services with a common denominator, entertainment.