Questions and answers

If you're asking yourself what kind of repertoire suggest to your friends in your “I do” day don't worry, because Daniele Pavignano Wedding Songs can play really anything you've ever dreamed of.

What does the wedding bundle include?
Depending on the solution you've chosen we have many bands and different formations. There are extra services and you can meet us in our studio.

How far in advance should I contact you?
As soon as possible to best set every detail; besides even if every band has three substitutes the sooner we decide the date the better, and you will be able to choose the members.

The size of the formation
Solo voice, small (2-3 musicians), medium (4-6 musicians), large (more than 6 musicians).

Huge repertoire customizable depending on needs. Latino, Italian, Jazz, bossa nova, samba, Brazilian, rock, pop, reggae, international, revival, disco, dance, funk, R&B, soul.

Is it a problem if I ask for some tracks that aren't in the repertoire?
Not at all, in fact suggesting new tracks you will enhance our musicians' quality and the party will be even more lively as soon as the band will play your wishes.

We've been working on the territory for years now, with steady improvement and growth; our customers mean a lot to us, they aren't just a number.

Do you have your own instrumentations?
Yes, we do have all the necessary instrumentations.

Do you need any particular material or specific conditions to offer the service?
No, we don't.

Can you move away from your area?
Yes we can, usually in the north-centre of Italy, in Switzerland and in France.

Is there an extra-charge for the trip?
Absolutely not.

Do you work for more than one wedding per day?
No we don't, we prefer to concentrate our professional competence in just one event per day.

Do you work on your own or with a professional team?
We do cooperate with a team of professionals who I've been working with for years.

How long does the performance last?
It depends on the type of request, from the appetizers only to the whole wedding lasting up about to 8 hours.

How long of a time do you need to get the performance ready?
A week or even that exact day; usually the time we need to get everything ready is a month before the event at the latest.

Do you perform outdoors?
Of course we do.

Which other services do you offer?
We also offer kids' make-up and entertainment, caricaturist, Chinese lanterns, magicians, baby-sitters, rent of inflatables, daises, lights and audio system, professional advices in general.

Do you get paid depending on the event or on the hours the event lasts?
The price depends on the event.

Could you work extra hours if necessary?
We could for sure.

How are the extra hours paid?
The extra hours are paid with a bonus which will be decided when we top the time decided by contract (if we actually do top it).

How is payment done?
You can pay with cash, cheque or by transfer.