Rockabilly band


Ivan and his trio are like a thrill that flows on the notes between rockabilly and rock 'n' roll of the classic 50s. The ingredients, moreover, leave no doubt: double bass and drums on the sides, guitar and voice at the center of the scene!

The recipe includes authentic rock'n'roll, from the origins of the '50s to the very early '60s, but served fresh and with a pinch of surf; just like Elvis and company were when they were preparing to change the history of music.

Rather than sounding like a faithful reproduction of dusty vinyl, the trio aims to be something more than a simple playlist that mimics tribute bands or masked cover bands.

The show is powerful, new, captures an audience now tired of static concerts listened to while sitting at the table.
The voice returns to be the main instrument, capable of hitting everyone bored with so many perfect guitars and endless country music, relying on swing drums and slap double bass.

This band offers a live show of about 2 hours with a final thematic DJ set also curated by them.



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We work in North-Centre Italy and we're based on Turin.
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