Jazz Band

Personalized and tailor-made jazz bands

Together we will understand the type of Jazz you need, entering into the specifics of a vast and nuanced world, finally arriving at realizing your needs in a tailor-made training.


You can evaluate the use of formations with Hammond organ, the king instrument of gospel and blues, to recapture the authentic "black" and soul sounds, thus giving a unique, overwhelming and engaging color to your soundtrack. Finally, for the more curious, there is the so-called "fusion" trend, that is, the contamination of various languages, creating unique categories such as latin-jazz, which combines jazz with Cuban and Latin sounds, jazz-funky or what is defined as "electro swing". ”, i.e. a genre of music that combines modern rhythm and a constant beat with more “old style” sounds, is usually proposed by DJs.

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We work in North-Centre Italy and we're based on Turin.
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