Ilarias - Duo voce con chitarra e dj


“Ilarias” are a duo, made up of guitar and voice, capable of managing your event with live music and entertainment, also guaranteeing a DJ set, professionally managed by the guitarist.

ILARIAS (vocalist – guitar/DJ)

The aperitif played by the duo, strictly live, will offer a repertoire from jazz to soul, from r&b to bossanova through Italian and international pop.

During the meal, the duo will manage the piped music by playing an exclusive playlist, prepared specifically on the couple's favorite genres.
Among the main courses, the "Ilarias" will intervene with 1 or 2 moments of live music only (2 songs per intervention) or entertainment (for example with the management of any games always organized in advance by the spouses or witnesses)

Cake cutting
By choosing the "Ilarias" you will have the opportunity to use the song played live for the "Taglio Torta" and 1 or 2 songs to follow if the area in which it will take place is the same as the one in which the party will follow.
If, however, the cake cutting will take place in a different area, only the specific song for the moment of cutting can be played live.
In any case, the duo will take care of 100% of the musical management relating to this moment.

The characteristic that makes the "Ilarias" a perfect duo for the musical entertainment of the entire event is that the party after the cake cutting will be managed in a DJ set by the guitarist, who in addition to being a musician is also a DJ experience.
While the DJ will mix the songs, which will be selected based on the musical tastes of the couple, the singer will entertain the guests at the microphone with dances and games, also organized in advance with the couple.

The duo is also available to musically manage the ceremony, both live with guitar and voice, and with just singing on pre-recorded backing tracks.
In any case, the repertoire to be performed will be agreed in advance with the spouses.


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