First classical musical studies: piano from the age of eight. At ten he enrolled at the G.Verdi Conservatory in Milan where he attended the three-year period of middle school.

He graduated from the Liceo Classico with experimentation in English.

After graduating from the NAM School of Modern Music in 2005 with the highest marks in all subjects, after having attended the last two years with the scholarship of the Lombardy region. In addition to the technique of Modern Singing (with teachers Elisa Rosselli and Paola Zigoi), he studies theory and solfeggio with Maestro C.Pizzetti and participates in the lessons of Laboratory and Orchestra with Maestro Claudio Flaminio.

He attended courses in Scenic Behavior, Gospels & Spirituals, Yoga, and singing, as well as several seminars including the "Vocal Power Method" by Elizabeth Howard, the "Jazz and Blues Improvisation" by Jay Clayton, and a masterclass by Sheila Jordan (these organized by the teacher Eva Simontacchi), a seminar on "bel canto", by Antonio Iuvarra, a seminar on "canto in quartetto" held by Kalivocali. Enrolled since October 2005 in the university faculty of Jazz and Popular Singing at the Conservatory A.Vivaldi of Alexandria, he studies, among others, the subjects of Jazz Singing with the teacher Laura Conti, music together with E.Fazio and complementary piano with F.Trullu.

Ranieri taught Modern Singing techniques at the A.Vivaldi Academy in Bollate and still teaches at Music Time The Art of Sounds and Nam both in Milan.

He directed, on behalf of an association of Brianza, the chorus of elementary classes of Caponago (MI).

In March 2006, 2007, and 2008 he held a two-day seminar at the NAM on Spiritual and Gospel singing with teacher Emanuela Gramaglia.

In June 2007 he gave lessons of "Propedeutica al canto", in English, to children between eight and fourteen years of age at several summer campuses in Brianza.

Corista e solista di Jingles radiofonici: RadioMonteCarlo, Radio105, 105Classics, KissKissNetwork, RadioDeltaUno, RadioMilanoUno, RadioRomaUno, DimensioneSuonoDue, SmoothJazz.com, le svizzere LausanneFM e 1FM, RDS.

Singer of the Miotti singles "Ora o mai", "Fil Rouge", "Chiara Chissà" and "Che tempo fa" and later of the whole album, released in November 2006 on SonyMusic label.

He was the backing vocalist/soloist of the Underground Gospel Project, along with artists such as Angela Baggi, Elisa Rosselli, Isabella Casucci, Eva Simontacchi and many others.

Ranieri Chorister/ soloist of the a cappella vocal group "Chorusband", which performs evergreen songs.

Chorister and soloist of a gospel group specializing in wedding ceremonies and parties.

She participated in the 2004 Eurosong TV show as a chorister of Mauro Sabbioni on the live broadcast in March 2004 in several European countries.

Backing vocalist in the commercials: Alfa Romeo (2004), Melinda (2005), 1288 (2005), chorister and soloist of the summer commercials 2005 News Magazine and Gatorade, lead vocalist of the commercial "Serie A 2005" of SKY.

He sang in some of the 2006 commercials of 892892, 1254, Cameo and Plasmon.

She also appeared in the commercials Kinder Delice, McDonalds, Nuova Mini Couper and Morellato (2007).

She sang in the commercials Tim, Mediaworld, Aia and chorister and soloist in the commercials Coop (2008).

Ranieri completed a recording in December 2007 with the gospel group "4Heaven & more", in which he participated as creator and arranger of choirs, chorister, and soloist.
The band’s CD is on sale on the world’s music portals under the title "Our Christmas songs", produced by Ar2records.

Ranieri participated in July 2004 and 2005 in the musical of Palermo "Santa Rosalia" as an element on stage. Already in 2003 he had lent his work in the song "Pater Noster", which spread throughout the city during the event.

Among the studio works we mention here is the one in the song "Morning’s Vibrations" written and published by Supernova and presented in their debut album "Afterbeach", on EmiJay label.

Voice guide for several artists including Blue in the song "A chi mi dice", with text by Tiziano Ferro.

Voice of some dance record productions.

He performs live in various formations, including "Blackvibe", genre R&B, Neo-Soul&HipHop,

"The bouncer", of Rhythm & Blues and Rock genre and different pop/jazz formations for aperitifs, conventions, or weddings.

Ranieri is an author and composer.

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