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Tenderness and elegance for a unique and planned out repertoire

A rich jazz repertoire starting from the 50's coming to these days. Bebop, hardbop, mainstream, avantgarde, contemporary, jazz ecm, bossa nova, samba, soul are but a small piece of what the Jazz Collective has to offer; together with the Piper Pop Band it represents our very best band, the ideal choice for your most private and special moments.

Our philosophy is to present a bundle that has already been thought out to satisfy the demands of our clients; here are our main formations and combinations:

  • Standard Jazz Trio with piano, drum and double bass
  • Jazz Trio with piano, double bass and sax
  • Jazz quartet with either sax, guitar or singer
  • Quintet with both sax and singer or guitar or singer

We usually offer our music for the appetizers and some live intermezzo during the banquet; for after the cutting of the cake you can choose the band again or you can enjoy a DJ set managed by the same musicians or by an external DJ.

A summary of our main services:

  • Music during the appetizers (jazz, bossa nova, lounge, bebop)
  • Background music during the banquet with the possibility of some musical intervention by the band
  • A song chosen by you for the cutting of the cake (it can be instrumental or sung)
  • Live band with lounge repertoire, swing for after the cake, our musicians DJ set or external DJ set with a professional console and lights system.

It's also possible to choose the sound of your day asking our team formed by many musicians with different tastes, nature and background to face every kind of repertoire you prefer.

Our experience and wide musicians team allow us to fulfill every peculiar demand giving you a custom-made offer. Contact us for any information!

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