A great alternative to the band

When you have little space, time, volumes or a location with specific rules... That’s when the DJ comes in.

A DJ is not “someone who sets records”, he's a professional capable of entertaining with a wide musical selection taking and care of every detail, from your arrival to the cutting of the cake to every possibility. The console that will be used for a wedding is small to obviate possible problems of space and to allow fast movement between places. An effective alternative is combining with the DJ a vocalist who can sing many hits alternating with records, raising the level of entertaining and elegance. The repertoire can cover from CHILLOUT, LOUNGE, JAZZY, NEW BOSSA, to more animated genres like DANCE, ELECTRO POP, CONTEMPORARY. Another successful version is the combination of DJ and sax or electronic violin: the result is astonishing both on scenic and sound levels.

Our main feature has always been to work with professionals, and that's why we made a collaboration with one of the best of our scene.

We have many DJs suitable for every kind of party, form the most elegant to the dancing one, and we always satisfy every demand thanks to our custom-made service.

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