Violin and other Strings

A beautiful, effective, versatile trio with a splendid performance. An excellent formation that combines the sweetness of the voice with an instrument that is as splendid as the harp to the violin class. The videos speak for themselves, good vision

This trio was born by uniting the many musical worlds and can be considered a complete, full and versatile formula.

A versatile and delicate trio that combines versatility, modernity of the light soprano voice and the elegance of the violin.
Ideal for all types of ceremony, it can play and sing a liturgical, classical and modern liturgical repertoire.
A complete and reliable choice!

A trio of class that combines the sweetness of the flute with the particularity of the violin to the majestic organ.
The combination of a violin with the flute together with the organ allows to broaden the sound output and changing the soloist according to the piece.

Often our customers look for a trio or string quartet that can play a repertoire both classic and modern, you can!
These selected musicians are ungrateful to offer you a very versatile repertoire with Baroque, chamber, 900, Jewish and modern music, you can also use vintage clothes.

The duo composed of Piano + violin is a great formation, versatile and delicate: the powerful harmonic support of the organ or piano blends with the exciting vibratile violin.

The gentleness of two instruments that have always been the symbol of traditional wedding services thanks to the union of two unusual but perfectly paired instruments; a duo capable of arousing unforgettable emotions.

You can have the strings and their magic in four different formations:
− Solo violin
− Duo: violin + violino or cello
− Trio: violin, viola and cello
− Strings quartet: 2 violins, viola and cello
The strings are very delicate but effective instruments; you can...

A traditional organ and violin duo or a stylish trio that combines a lyrical voice to the tenderness and peculiarity of the violin?