A trio of class that combines the sweetness of the flute with the particularity of the violin to the majestic organ.
The combination of a violin with the flute together with the organ allows to broaden the sound output and changing the soloist according to the piece.

The duo composed of Piano + violin is a great formation, versatile and delicate: the powerful harmonic support of the organ or piano blends with the exciting vibratile violin.

When your wedding holds in a church with a classic organ instead of a digital one a professional organist is the right choice. It's important to know in the specific instance the mechanics of these antique and valuable instruments so that every piece comes out in its best sonority..

Combining a lyrical voice to a classic organ is often a musical completion that can create a very charming and full atmosphere...

The flute-piano (organ) duo is born in the rooms of the “G. Verdi” conservatoire in Turin during the last studying years of the two members; since then they started performing in different chamber music concerts.

A traditional organ and violin duo or a stylish trio that combines a lyrical voice to the tenderness and peculiarity of the violin?