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We offer one, two or three female entertainers to give the support and attention required during the reception, during the meal the children will be followed with all their needs making them eat together, socialize and play.
After the meal, the activities in the dedicated space will begin, with games of various types from the most peaceful as laboratories to the most lively of movement and with music always studied according to the age of the children and the place.
We are used to giving them a balloon sculpture at the end of the activities and, if desired, face painting.
The service is designed for children aged 3 and up and each animator is able to manage up to a maximum of 10 children per single animator.

Services offered:

  • Babypainting
  • Babydance
  • Balloon sculptures
  • Assistance and games
  • Various laboratories, if necessary
  • Other animation and tailor-made services are also available, contact us for any info!

    Here is a list of extra services

    • Magic entertainment
    • Crazy waiter
    • Bubble
    • Entertainment Circus
    • Showgirl
    • Night Serenade
    • Lighting installation
    • Chinese lanterns
    • Inflatables for children
    • Soap bubble machine
    • Popcorn Maker
    • Candy floss machine

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