How we work

Professional competence and experience

Uniqueness, versatility and elegance are our main features; a band that can make every musical moment of your life unforgettable, with the style and the charm of live music.

Religious or civil service

The wedding service is a moment rich of emotions and unique moments. The music choice becomes essential; the formations we suggest are the piano/organ and voice duo and the piano/organ, voice and sax trio, because those are the ones with the widest repertoire (both the sacred and the non-sacred one, depending on the type of service you will choose).

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After the wedding service comes the appetizer, where the band repertoire covers jazz, soul, international hits, uniting many genres to make every guest comfortable avoiding generation gaps and granting a beautiful moment of connection.

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The meal – Banquet and live intermezzos

During the wedding banquet the Piper Pop Band proposes a unique and absorbing formula: the “live performance within the courses” offers a background non-invasive music.
We thought of that because in these years we found out that not every guest likes hearing music while eating, while it's more appropriate in-between the courses as entertainment and to accompany the toasts.

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The cutting of the cake

The cutting of the cake is without any doubts one of the most romantic and sensitive moments of the reception, and that's why we offer you the possibility to accompany the cutting with your favourite song in many variations such as in solo sax, sax and voice or with the full formation.

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The party after the cake

Once the cake has been cut it is time to get the party started. Here the Piper Pop Band has a fundamental role: it makes all the guests have fun with live music, a rhythmical repertoire that goes from the revival to disco music, coming to nowadays hits. We think it's important to listen and possibly satisfy your guests' requests, making all of them join the party.

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Dj Set

To end the party the Piper Pop Band offers we include a DJ set, using a professional dj. This solution makes of our entertainment something complete that can cope with any guests request.

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