How we work

Experience and Passion

Our DJs have years of experience behind them, matured with so much practice and refinement in the selection of the proposed music and, most importantly, they are really passionate about their work and their experience is a guarantee of a well run and fun party.


A practical and fast solution to "give voice" to celebrants and to musically accompany the bride to the altar is the use of the dj.
This option is often chosen by those who decide to marry directly to the location.
Before the ceremony, the dj will position the audio system, connect the microphone (which can be traditional or wireless of your choice) and will prepare the required songs.

Ceremony ... but wireless!
If you marry in a beautiful flower garden or an eighteenth-century tower and do not want to give up the microphone for your speeches and celebrants, the problem might be the lack of electricity.
We have battery-powered speakers that allow you to use anywhere you choose!


With our djs we give a lot of importance at the time of the appetizer because we know it will be at this moment that the guests will begin to find themselves or meet and socialize, creating what will become the party's harmony.
The music selection we normally recommend and which is usually most welcomed is a sophisticated mix of timeless classics, revised in chill out, nujazz and nuboss, but we also propose theme aperitifs featuring one or a few music genres.
We are therefore in a position to offer you "music entrèe" of Italian music only, rock or solo music 80's, always keeping the mood (and volumes!) Consonant at the moment.

The meal – Banquet and live intermezzos

During the banquet, we offer different alternatives with the use of dj:

Option 1
By utilizing the location broadcasting for the entire duration of the reception, custom playlists made for you and created with your tips.

Option 2
If streaming is not enough and more "sound power" is required, we suggest adding one of our audio systems.
This solution is particularly required for couples who appreciate their entrance into the hall accompanied by an important sound, or by those who choose to engage the guests (for example, with the first dance of their spouses or parents) directly in the room just finished the meal.

Option 3
This latter proposition is for those who want a more lively marriage (for example, with musical moments between one reach and another) or simply for those who appreciate that the DJ continues to select music even during the reception, all spread by one of our audio systems.

The cutting of the cake

Even the cutting of the cake, one of the most romantic moments, can be handled by the dj who at the preset time will play the song you chose and follow will begin the music selection for the party.
And if the cut of the cake will take place in a detached position from where the party will take place then? No problem: read on top "Ceremony ... but wireless"

The party after the cake

We arrived at the party and here, choosing the dj, you will have countless choices of music with which to entertain guests and relatives.
You can plan with him the most suitable music and ask for specific songs for specific moments (for example, for your first dance or for the dance of your parents) musical genres you will want to hear (or you will not want to hear) or songs that will not be able miss.
All of our DJs still have a great deal of experience on the subject, so do not feel obliged to plan the ladder in the slightest detail, instead, leaving you space will allow you to create the most appropriate musical "mood".
Also know about the possibility of "extra time" in addition to the agreed time to continue the party until late!